• Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine
  • Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine
  • Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine
  • Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine
  • Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine
  • Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine

Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine

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Warranty: Main Accessories Are Guaranteed for One Year
Certification: CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2000
Condition: New
Control: Automatic
Application: Paper, Metal, Rubber, Ceramic, Glass, Stone, Plastic, Leather, Fabric
US$ 50000/Set 1 Set(Min.Order)
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Power Source
Abrasive Waterjet Cutting
High Voltage Resistance
High Pressure Materials
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we have 1600*1550mm, 2500*1500mm, 3000*1850mm,
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Product Description

Application and advantages of PMT waterjet cutting:

PMT Waterjet Cutting Machine is an effective tool for any shape of artistic creation. The traditional cutting method is saw cutting only in a row. When cutting the curves, the model should be made according to the size and then polished. Waterjet Cutting Machine can cut any shape of models under the control of the CNC program.
1. Smooth cutting quality is perfect.
2.The cutting accuracy of waterjet cutter is up to 0.1mm. Edge joints are regular, and water jet cutting can also make very complex puzzles and murals.
3.Cutting speed is fast, and product consistency and interchangeability are very good.
4. Drilling, cutting and forming can be done at once.
5. Improve the working environment and reduce the impact of dust and noise on the operator.
6. Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting that does not damage the internal structure of the material.
7. It is the only machine for processing composite materials and fragile porcelain.
8. Waterjet Cutter can cut metal, rubber, foam, plastic, composite materials, stone, ceramic tile, marble,glass, etc.
Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine

Product Description
50HE High presssure pump structure includes water supply system, hydraulic system, and the intensifier system (or named high pressure system).

water supply system

The main engine needs two water sources for cutting and cooling, thus we need two drainages: the
cooling water drainage and the water leakage drainage.
Special definition is listed below:
Cutting water: The intensifier must be supplied with water of 20-1000psi (1.4-6.9bar). The input
water should not less than the output water by 1.5 times. If the water source contains dissolved
solid(esp. silicate and calcium), the orifice life would be shortened. If the filter system cannot
correct the water quality, extra water treatment facility must be installed.
Cooling water (for the heat exchanger): The heat exchanger is used to adjust the accumulated heat
in the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil functions the best at the temperature of 40 ºC.The cooling
water is first led to the heat exchanger for the intensifier and then to the exchanger for the
hydraulic oil pump. The cooling water flow should be enough as to ensures that the temperature in
the oil tank is lower than 43 ºC. The standard water flow is 11 lpm for each power horse at
15ºC.The water contains a little minerals and acid will be helpful to thermal transmission and the
prolongation of the heat exchanger life.
Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system consists of pressurization, filtration, and cooling systems. The
intensification principle is: a motor of 37kw drives the hydraulic pump, then the pump will
pressurize the hydraulic oil up to 20Mpa max. The pressurized oil is pushed into the oil cylinder
through the electro-hydraulic directional valve. There is a sensor on either side of the oil cylinder.
The directional valve will receive a signal when the piston inside the cylinder is approaching to
one end of the cylinder. The piston will travel to and fro, making the high pressure water
The filtration system is three steps filtration. They are oil filling filtration, outlet filtration, recycle
waterjet Intensifer  system
The intensification system mainly refers to the intensifier, but it also includes other components in
the water circuit that make the lower pressure water into high pressure water. Specifically, it
includes intensifier, accumulator, high pressure tube, connector etc.
Intensifier is main part of the intensification system. A section for the intensifier 's principle,
structure, and maintenance is contained in this manual.
Electrical control system
The electric control system is integrated into the control panel, including PC, control circuit. This
control system is used to start/stop the main engine and adjust the speed.
The function of the display, buttons and knobs on the panel is listed below.
"power indicator" controls the power.
"voltage meter" indicates the working status of the PC.
"currency meter" displays the currency of the motor of 18kw.
"master switch" switch for the general power supply.
"Pump & main engine switch" start/stop the main motor
"high pressure/abrasive switch"
"emergency stop" 
1 50HE High Pressure Pump
Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 1800*1000*1400mm Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine
Weight 1200Kg
Power rate 37kw/50hp
Max. pressure 420Mpa /4200bar
Working pressure 300-350Mpa
Max. oil discharge 104L/min
Max. Flow rate 3.7L/min
Φ of orifice 0.30-0.33mm
Power supply 380 V 50hz
Water supply ≥15.1L/min
Accumulator 1.5liter
Hydraulic system Bosch Rexroth
Cooling system Oil Chiller

Cutting Table

PMT waterjet cutting table consists of transmission part with X axis, Y axis and Z axis, water tank, cutting head, lubrication part and servo driving system. Gantry mechanical structure is fit to large size machines, long running distance of X and Y axis, suitable for processing a variety of complex big size parts.

The cutting table is a 2-D pc-controlled table, consisting of Y-axis, catcher, X-axis, Z-axis (cutting
head rest), cutting head, high pressure hose, and the abrasive box. Both the X-axis and the Y-axis
are installed with linear guide and ball screw. The control system instructs the servo motor which
drives the ball screw. The cutting head assembly (Z-axis) is installed on the ball screw, so that it is
realized to start, stop, shift, and change the speed of the cutting head rest. The X-axis travels
alongside with the Y-axis, and the Z-axis travels alongside with the X-axis. The positive and
negative direction is defined as follows: standing in front of the cutting table, your left-hand side
is negative direction of X-axis, the opposite direction is positive; the X-axis 's advancing direction
is positive, and the opposite is negative. Being instructed by the control panel, the X and Y axis
moves together, leaving the sophisticated picture on the workpiece accordingly.

Y-axis is actually working as the base of the cutting table. It is welded with a polished surface, on
which the linear guide and the bearing housing for the ball screw are fixed. The linear guide is
used to guide the X axis's travel and support it. The servo-motor is installed on the driving end of
the screw ball and the decorative panel is also attached to the Y axis.

The linear pair and the ball screw pair ensure the accuracy of the travel and make the action of
starting, stop, shift and speed change highly reliable. In order to ensure that the cutting head rest
travels accurately, the X axis is also equipped with linear pair, ball screw pair, and servo motor.

PMT waterjet cutting machine suitable glass cutting,marble cutting ,ceramic tiles cutting,and metal cutting , that  real one good cutter machines for many materials.
2 Working Table & Controllor
Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine
Model 1616 2515 3020 4020 6020
Dimension(mm) 2650*2150mm 3400*2150mm 4250*2300mm 5250*2300mm 7250*2300mm
Max. cutting range 1600*1600mm 2500*1600mm 3000*2000mm 4000*2000mm 6000*2000mm
Travel of Z axis 180mm
Servo system Yaskawa,Japanese Brand
ball-screw linear-rail ABBA,Taiwan Brand
Re-positioning accuracy ±0.025mm/m
Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
Max. running speed 15m/min
lubrication Automatic Oil Lubricator
Material 203stainless steel material  tank,aluminium  beam,rubber and stainless steel cover
CNC Controller
2.1 Swing-Arm PC Controller
Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine Power supply AC220V 50/60Hz  
Drawing system Auto-CAD
Computer system Windows 10
Function Moving controller
screen Apply 19 inch LCD
Water jet software
Support DXF file and anyauto programming software to produce NC code
5-Axis AC cutting system

PMT  5 AXIS AC water jet cutting, a new generation water jet improved on the basis of AB 5 AXIS with 10 years manufacture experience, a high-end brand water jet which launched into the market successfully and mutually. PMT AC 5 AXIS head is another solution for the high accuracy requirement of the water cutting, it can realize plane cutting and 3D cutting on 3 axis table and make sure meet the design requirement in one time processing. It easily achieved arc plate cutting, cylinder cutting, spiral leaf cutting … make impossible possible. AC 5 AXIS water jet cutting head can cut arbitrary curve and arbitrary angle, curve and angle changing is controlled by computer which make it more stable.
PMT water jet design concept: high accuracy, high efficiency, energy efficiency, simple maintenance, easy operation, waterproof, dustproof etc. Spare parts are processed by advanced imported equipment, 5 axis head's dynamic accuracy is tested by super high accuracy instruments, the processing equipments, instruments and precision of resetting reach the leading level of the country. PMT water jet makes you feel more stable, more reliable and more satisfied

3 Five-axis AC cutting system for diamond cutting head
Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine Re-positioning accuracy ±0.02/1000mm  
Cutting accuracy ±0.15/1000mm
Max. prussure 420mpa
Orifice type Parse 3
Nozzle type 6.35*0.76/1.02*76mm
running travel of Z axis 180mm
A-Axis Roteting Angle ±67°
C-Axis Roteting Angle ±360°
Cutting Angle ±45°
application 2D/3D cutting
The system within Automatic height detection system
IDE Integrated cutting head working life 1500hours
each one.
The working level of Z-axis will be 200mm

Abrasive Feeding System
4 Abrasive Feeding System
Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 700*700*1350mm Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine
Weight 80kg
Max. capacity 200kg
Max. air pressure supply 2bar
adjust your regulator
Eliminates abrasive waste
fine-tune your abrasive delivery
30 Precision Setting
no more over delivery of your abrasive

 Training for Waterjet Equipment
4 Technical Training
1 basic working principle of the super-high pressure water jet cutting machine
2 working principle of the high-pressure system and supercharge
3 replacement of the high-pressure sealed, low-pressure sealed and high-pressure parts
4 maintenance of the high-pressure system and judgment and troubleshooting of common failures
5 CNC Programming&operation&operation of the NC cutting platform
6 daily maintenance of the NC cutting platform
7 equipment installation
8 abrasive control and transportation operation and CNC communication
9 operation of the CAD / CAM software and CNC communication
10 working principle, maintenance and judgment and troubleshooting of common failures of the main high-pressure functional parts, high-pressure water switches and abrasive cutting head


5 After-sales Service
1 Free warranty for the whole machine for one year or 2000 high-pressure/hour 
2 Training of two personnel for operation and maintenance of equipment and one computer operator for the user
3 On-line installation and commissioning (the user is responsible for board and lodging)
4  Lifetime maintenance
5 To Guarantee long-term supply of spare parts
To enjoy upgrade of special prices when there are new products and technologies
7 Repair response time: during the quality assurance period, when the user's equipment fails, respond within 24 hours after receipt  notice. For a common failure, direct the user to resume production as soon as possible by way of telephone or e-mail

The cutting speed for PMT water jet cutting machine
The cutting speed of mini waterjet cutting machine varies depending on the material, thickness, desired cut quality, water pressure and the machine itself configuration, Generally for PMT waterjet, you could find the following speed just for your reference.

Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine
Company Description and Our Workshop
Guangzhou perfect machinery tech co., ltd ,it is one professional waterjet cutting machine and spare parts supplier, Our company is in a famous Career Technical College in Guangzhou. Our College have very advanced CNC equipments, I think that is a world-class processing equipment, we do for some America water jet factories production of high pressure parts for many years, and more Chinese large water jet plants producing intensifier . i am sorry For i cannot give you the names of these factories, but I promise to give you the quality of the United states.

Normal standard waterjet spare parts like 60k&90k water jet intensifier and all the kinds of water jet cutting heads, and the water on/off valve, water jet orifice ruby and abrasive nozzle, and high pressure hp cylinder, check valve body, waterjet HP seals, oil seal, ceramic plunger, valve seat, all the normal water spare parts we have high quality and good price.

Our factory not only have all kinds of size of water jet machines and waterjet spare parts, but also our company sell all kinds of stone carving machines, laser machines, bridge cutting machines, edge grinding machines, row pitch machines and rope machines and so on !!!
Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine
Waterjet Cutting Samples Showing:
Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine

Packing & Delivery
Wate jet cutting machine package : wooden package out side,inside soft packages. 
including hp pump ,waterjet cutting table bed,cnc waterjet controller,waterjet sand feeder,spare parts with the pump,loading by 20feet or 40feet container. about 30-40cbm,4000-6000kgs  one setwaterjet machine equiment.
Water jet spare parts : soft package inside,carton package outside.
waterjet abrasive garnet sand: packing by*25kg small packing +40bags in a big bag.
The package ways aslo can according to customer requirement.
Delivery time for machines:15-20day
waterjet spare parts have in stock.

Waterjet Cutting Machine 3D Dynamic 5X AC Five Axis Cutting Machine


Q: What is the advantage of water jet cutting machine?

A :Cold processing, no heat reaction zone. no deformation; strong cutting ability, pure water jet can cut soft materials, abrasive waterjet can cut hard materials; can cut flammable and explosive objects;cutting precision is high, edge is neat no secondary processing is required. Waterjet also has the title of universal cutting machine.

Q: How to choose the cutting table?

A:You need to offer the size of the materials you want to process or the size of the cutting table.

Q:How to solve the incision problem of water cutting?

A:It is not a vertical cutting for a waterjet cutter. This is due to the physical characteristics of waterjet. If it is required precise vertical angle cutting, we will provide you with a five-axis dynamic cutting system.

Q:Is the equipment easy to operate?

A:Wonlean intelligent waterjet cutting machine is easy to operate. You could upload the electronic images file of DXF format to the operating system via USB or network. The system will
automatically program, and only need to set a few simple parameters, it can automatically complete the cutting operatioN


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